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Specific emissions

Specific emission make about one kilo per tonne of steel produced. For comparison, in enterprises of integrated steel cycle (which are called "industrial complexes”) specific emissions account for more than 25 kg/t, and mini-mills like NLMK-Kaluga have significant environmental benefits and their performance corresponds to 2 kg/t, the best global result.

To clean the emissions of the dust released during the smelting of steel, the arc furnace operates simultaneously with the centralized gas treatment system, equipped with bag filters (with 99% efficiency). Gas treatment station with a system of flues and smoke extraction is a structure of an impressive size. The system removes not only the process gases directly from the units, but also fugitive emissions, thus ensuring the normal working conditions of employees in the shop. For this purpose, there is an installed aspiration system and over-the-oven extractor hood.