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NLMK Kaluga: a steel mill with state-of-the-art environmental technology

NLMK-Kaluga, a new generation EAF plant won "100 Best Companies of Russia. Ecology and Environmental Management” competition in 2014. Sergey Shalyaev, CEO of NLMK-Kaluga, has been awarded the honorary title "Environmentalist of the Year”. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of social ecology, confirming the status of an environmentally responsible company.

The award ceremony took place as part of the VIII Nationwide conference "Ecology and production. Prospects for the development of economic instruments for environmental protection", which was held on 6–9 June 2014 in St. Petersburg. The winner of the contest was awarded a gold medal, which is a recognition of the achievements of the enterprise in the field of environmental protection and environmental safety.

About 5,000 waste gas bag filters of EAF shop were replaced in 2015 at NLMK-Kaluga, a new generation EAF plant. Routine replacement of all filters will allow to provide a high level of purification of waste gases from the dusts from steelmaking, and support comfortable and safe working conditions for employees in the factory shop.

The costs amounted to about 5.5 million roubles.

"The centralized gas treatment system at NLMK-Kaluga is equipped with high-efficiency bag filters. The system allows to capture and purify over 99% of industrial emissions. Within 2 years of operation NLMK-Kaluga's gas treatment system worked flawlessly, which was confirmed by control measurements of independent laboratories. Replacement of the filters will provide further trouble-free operation of the equipment and improve the environmental performance of the plant", - said Vladimir Chukharev, Head of Environmental Safety Division, NLMK-Kaluga.