Environmental cases

  • Changing gas bag filters at EAF shop

    About 5,000 waste gas bag filters of EAF shop were replaced in 2015 at NLMK-Kaluga, a new generation EAF plant.

  • NLMK Kaluga is among "100 Best Companies of Russia"

    NLMK-Kaluga, a new generation EAF plant won "100 Best Companies of Russia.

  • Water basin protection

    All technological processes of NLMK-Kaluga that involve water consumption are equipped with circulating loops with treatment facilities. All the water contained in these loops is cleaned after use, and returned to the cycle.

  • Specific emissions

    Specific emission make about one kilo per tonne of steel produced. For comparison, in enterprises of integrated steel cycle (which are called "industrial complexes”) specific emissions account for more than 25 kg/t, and mini-mills like NLMK-Kaluga have significant environmental benefits and their performance corresponds to 2 kg/t, the best global result.

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