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NLMK-Kaluga is based on essential innovative engineering solutions in steel-making and rolling allowing manufacturing of top-quality product to meet nowadays requirements and resulting in cost-effectiveness and competitiveness of the enterprise.
1,5 m t
continuous billet casting per year is design capacity of EAF facilities at NLMK-Kaluga

EAF shop is represented by the main production areas:

  • scrap and materials preparation area;
  • steel-making and secondary metallurgy area;
  • ladle area;
  • continuous casting area;
  • slag and gas cleaning area.

Technological line of EAF production:

  • Electric arc furnace (EAF-120);
  • The EAF employs the "Ultimate” technology combining a high specific electric power (over 1.0 mWA/t) with a single-bucket EAF charging practice for the total metallic charge volume per heat.
  • Twin-stand ”ladle-furnace”unit (LF) for secondary metallurgy. Twin-stand ladle furnace ensures alternate metal heating in two steel ladles located in different positions using a single system of a transformer and current leads;
  • 8-strand continuous billet casting machine (CCM). CCM enables continuous metal casting without stops for changeover. This increases the yield rate of the billets up to 99.0%. NLMK-Kaluga was the first one to launch such technology.

Raw materials for steel production: scrap, ferroalloys and additional materials. All incoming materials are delivered to the plant in a prepared form, which does not require additional treatment.

900 k t
thousand tonnes is a yearly output of rolled products at NLMK-Kaluga

Production of rolled products is carried out on a continuous combined light-medium-section A/C mill (400/215) of SMS MEER.

The technological line of the mill includes the following equipment:

  • Walking beam reheating furnace minimizing generation of scale on billets inside the furnace and low specific rate of natural gas consumption;
  • Combined rolling stands (horizontal and vertical);
  • Two high-speed monoblocks;
  • Various types of shears;
  • Bake hardening line;
  • Racking-type cooling bed;
  • Finishing and packing equipment of European standards.

The complex uses modern in-line heat-treatment technology for high-strength rebars production at high-speed rolling.

The rolled products include long products and section for construction purposes from carbon and low-alloyed steel grades.