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1 September 2016

NLMK Kaluga's rebar certified for Poland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway

NLMK Kaluga, a new generation EAF plant (part of NLMK Long Products) has certified its rebar with a 12 – 25 mm diameter to comply with the Polish standard (Aprobata Techniczna AT-15-9685/2016), 10 – 25 mm - with the Finnish (SFS 1268:2010), Danish (EN 10080:2005+Steelgrades according to EC2), Swedish (SS-EN 10080:2005 + SS 212540:2011) and Norwegian (NS 3576-3:2012) standards.

The Institute of Construction Machinery (ITB), Poland and Certification Body of Swedish reinforcement steel (“GlobeCert AB”), Sweden, carried out the tests. Following the research, NLMK Kaluga received certificates of conformity of rebar with the requirements of the building standards of the above-mentioned countries, which allow the use of NLMK-Kaluga reinforcement in their territory.

NLMK Kaluga is favourably located in the western part of Russia in relation to European markets. Seeing interest in their products, and responding to the requests of potential customers, NLMK Kaluga is expanding its certification. In 2015, NLMK Kaluga obtained the DIN 488 certificate for the supply of finished steel to construction industry in Germany and some Eastern European countries. This year, the plant certified its rebar for compliance with the standards of Belarus, Lithuania and the United Kingdom.

Sergey Shalyaev, CEO of NLMK Kaluga, said: "It is NLMK Kaluga's priority to make steel products which meet the highest requirements. The new certificates confirm the conformity of the plant's rebar to the requirements of the technical regulations of Poland and the countries of Scandinavia, guarantee high quality of NLMK Kaluga's products and open up new opportunities for the company to expand its sales market. As the interest of European customers shows, the plant is expanding its certificate base“.

New generation EAF plant NLMK Kaluga went into production in July 2013. The plant’s capacities are 1.5 million tonnes of crude steel and 0.9 million tonnes of finished steel per year. The facility is uniquely equipped in Russia to produce the widest range of premium-grade long products for use in construction.

In addition to sections (25х4 mm, 63х6 mm, 50х5 mm, 75х5-6 mm, 90х6-7 mm, 100х7-8 mm and 40х4 mm steel angles) NLMK Kaluga also produces rebar Nos 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 25.