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27 June 2016

NLMK Kaluga Reaches Two Million Marker in Finished Steel

NLMK Kaluga, a new generation EAF plant (part of NLMK Long Products) that manufactures a wide range of long products and sections used in construction, has produced its two millionth tonne of finished steel.

The mill produced its three millionth tonne of crude steel in its EAF shop earlier in June 2016. The plant uses its high-quality crude steel for the production of about 20 types and standard sizes of long products and sections at its state-of-the-art rolling mill; and also markets it as square billets.

NLMK Kaluga went into production in July 2013. The plant is located in Vorsino, an industrial park in Kaluga region near Moscow, the biggest construction market in Russia. The plant is based on the mini-mill concept of locating EAF steelmaking and rolling operations in close proximity to sources of raw materials and consumers of finished goods.

The plant’s technological solutions enable rapid reconfiguration of the rolling mill to produce various types of long products depending on customer requirements and market conditions.

Sergey ShalyaevSergey ShalyaevGeneral director
, CEO of NLMK Kaluga, said: "The launch of NLMK Kaluga reduced the shortage of long products in the Central district and covered the demand from the construction industry for high-quality steel products. In the three years following its launch, NLMK Kaluga has mastered eight types of rebar and ten types and standard sizes of angles. In 2015, NLMK Kaluga's share of the rebar market in Russia exceeded 9%; whilst its share in the Central district was about 20%.”

In 2015, NLMK Kaluga obtained its DIN 488 certificate which created new market opportunities for the company. The certificate allows the use of NLMK Kaluga rebar in the EU construction industry. In 2016, NLMK Kaluga's rebar was certified for sale to Lithuania and Belarus.

The yearly output of the mill is enough to support the construction of 12.5 million cubic metres of pre-cast and brick/pre-cast housing, or 19.5 million cubic metres of pre-fabricated housing.