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1 June 2018

NLMK develops e-commerce

NLMK Group, a global steel company, opens access to an e-commerce website for SMEs. A hi-tech online marketplace is now available at

NLMK Group has been operating an e-commerce platform since 2012, based on the ‘Client-Info’ RMS system. Access to the platform is open to large clients that have long-term established relations with NLMK. Approximately 60% of all orders in Russia and the CIS are currently coming through ‘Client-Info’.

Other buyers who did not previously have the opportunity to use the e-commerce service can now access the online store. The store is a fully functional online self-servicing system that enables buyers to place orders for products of up to 20 tonnes, eliminating the need for additional processes outside the system.

Clients can use the e-marketplace to purchase more than 17,000 SKUs, including long products and metalware. The service supports the possibility of sorting products by technical parameters or purchasing steel from manufacturer warehouses.

The e-marketplace has a simple and user-friendly interface, enabling easy and swift order placement in a variety of formats: by weight or by number of SKUs, as well as selection of preferred delivery options, packaging and labelling.

The e-marketplace offers the buyers a transparent pricing process based on the cost of delivery, additional services, and discounts. Both registered and non-registered customers can view product prices.

Ilya Guschin, NLMK Group Vice President, Sales, said:
“Extending e-marketplace access to SMEs is a new step in the development of NLMK Group’s e-commerce. The site will enable us to offer convenient services to various customer groups: construction professionals, assembling companies, manufacturers and consumers of steel structures.”